ABC Dry powder fire extinguishers

ABC Dry powder fire extinguishers are suitable for use on fires involving wood, paper and textiles, they are also suitable for use on fires involving flammable liquids and also fires involving live electrical appliances, or appliances which have been recently energised.  They are also suitable for use on fires involving flammable gases, however, great care must be taken as gas escaping following the extinguishing of a flame can often be more dangerous than a burning gas, due to the risk of explosion.

NOTE: - Great care must be taken when positioning fire extinguishers containing dry powder.  Many service providers over the years have seen the ABC dry powder fire extinguisher as a general or multi purpose fire extinguisher.  There can be pitfalls in using a fire extinguisher containing dry powder inside a building.  Almost instantly following use, there can be a visibility problem due to the "cloud" of powder which has just been released.  The discharge of a powder extinguisher in a confined space can cause a sudden reduction in visibility which can temporarily jeopardize escape, rescue or other emergency action.  For this reason, water based extinguishers are preferred for use indoors.  Another problem relates to the mess which is left behind.  Another problem relates to the collateral damage which may be caused by using a fire extinguisher containing dry powder inside a building.  Obviously, depending on the contents of the building, the level of damage may be more serious than in others.  We have a customer, who was kindly provided with 6kg ABC dry powder fire extinguishers into her shop by her previous service provider, on the basis that these extinguishers would cover her risk, as they were "multi purpose" fire extinguishers.  Unfortunately, the shop contained tens of thousands of pounds worth of wedding dresses.  Now it doesn't take a genius to work out that one squeeze of the trigger mechanism of a fire extinguisher containing dry powder is very likely to damage, if not destroy, some or indeed all of the stock within that environment.  Another example of an inappropriate installation of dry powder is a small computer server room.  When discharged, this powder goes everywhere, and we are sure you can imagine the damage which would be caused in an environment full of computer equipment.  There are, of course, situations where a dry powder fire extinguisher is the best extinguisher for the risk associated with a specific area. 

Customers generally choose ABC dry powders for use in a domestic environment.

ABC dry powder fire extinguishers are always red in colour with a blue band.  Occaisionally you may come across a very old model, which will not be red, but completely blue in colour.


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