You couldn't make it up

We received a call from a gentleman who had experienced a problem with a fire in a building.  There was a requirement for the gentleman to have a fire extinguisher close to hand whilst he was carrying out some work, and he had forgotten to take his fire extinguisher into the building.  After starting a fire, as he did not have his fire extinguisher close by, the fire spread quickly.  The nature of the gentleman's phone call was that he wanted to know if he could get away with bending the truth and say that his fire extinguisher did not work as he would have expected.  Not wishing to take part in this fraudulent activity, the gentleman was advised that if such a claim was made, insurance companies involved are very likely to look into this matter much further, asking for initial purchase invoice for the fire extinguisher, (if such an extinguisher even existed in the first place), along with service records, a fire risk assessment for the job which was being undertaken, they would then be very likely to make an efficacy claim against the manufacturer of the extinguisher.

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New British Standard for The Selection and Installation of Portable Fire Extinguishers has been released in draft format.  This new British Standard will replace the previous standard, BS5306-8:2000



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